#DAY5 – First day of race with storms

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The first day of qualification trials was dominated previsionally by Daniel Cohen e Titouan Pillo for man and, Katy Spychakov for woman

Fabien Pianazza (Fra) is the previsional rank leader for the Under 17 male league while for the Under 17 female league the top athlete is Faustine Manhes (Fra).

A first dividing of a leading group of racers from the others is clear from the results, but everyone pushed the boards to the best of their ability. Among the Italians Luca di Tomassi (17° Overall), Nicolò Renna (35° Overall e 5° U17), Rosanna Stracampiano (8° overall) e Giorgia Speciale 17° Overall) gave excellent performances which bode well for the next stages of the Rs:X Youth World Championship. Also not to be underestimated are the performances of israelis, french and english, who may become even more combative in the next trials.

So, we can really say we’re started: this Youth Rs:X Championship has officially begun heating up! Yesterday the first trials for the qualifications for this Olympic class were held, Olympic class which – here on the waters of the Garda Lake and also thanks to this important international competition – will see the forming of some of the Olympic Teams for Tokyo 2020, since observers carefully watched the competing athletes. Tension and the will to race and win were high from the start. At 12.30 pm the youths got into the water to reach the arena of the competition, located in a central position between Riva del Garda and Torbole.

Ora, the local southerly wind, dominated the day with an ideal wind speed of 8/10 knots, perfect for the racers to display all their athletic prowess: and the two hundred athletes coming from thirty nations faced each other off at their best from the very beginning. Indeed, the thirst for victory moved many to give their best from the very first start signal, which came around one pm. The series of starts for the various categories identified coloured the waters of the Garda Lake of a beautiful red tinge. Many followed the manoeuvres of these young racers – today’s champions and probably Olympic athletes of tomorrow – from the beaches, commenting and trying to eye gouge a possible order of arrival. Doing well in the trials were the israelis and french nationalities, with many athletes entering the top tiers of the temporary rank. The competition resumes tomorrow with the same schedule, hoping in constant wind and good weather and marine conditions to dignify a competition which is ‘young’ only in the age of the racers, because these days there are real athletes in front of Circolo Surf Torbole, fierce and real windsurf experts. Youths today, but promises for a spectacular future sailing scene.

In the afternoon bad weather came back, interrupting the continuation of the trials. These the trials finished before the change in weather. The trials were interrupted because of a storm which raised the Ponale, a very strong local wind, forcing the athletes quickly back to Circolo Surf Torbole .

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