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The RRD One Hour Classic after movie came out: the famous 1 hour race was born 30 years ago on the waters of Garda Trentino and is successfully organized every year by Circolo Surf Torbole, now also in Foil version. One hundred the riders at the start.

Bruno Martini wins big the RRD One Hour Classic slalom and regains the trophy in memory of Alberto Menegatti; the Turkish Erdil is the first female.

Andrea Ferin wins and breaks the record of the RRD One Hour Foil, on the third day of race.

For the first time since it began, three days of wind with three One Hour Classic and three One Hour Foil competed.

Nago-Torbole (Italy) – En plein this year at the RRD One Hour Classic: the queen of slalom windsurfing regattas on the waters of Garda Trentino, born 30 years ago at Circolo Surf Torbole with the aim to beam reach in 1 hour the largest number of laps around a course defined by two marks positioned on the opposite sides of the lake (east and west).

This edition will be remembered and will remain in the annals of CST for the exceptional wind conditions during all the three days of racing: for the first time since it began, three days of One Hour with three days of steady wind (slalom rules allow races only with 11 knots wind limit at the starting line, which must remain constant throughout all the competition). Three One Hour Classic competed with three Bruno Martini’s victories and three One Hour Foil with the record broken by Andrea Ferin (AW Marina Julia, Monfalcone).

To celebrate its 30th edition concurrently with the 25th of the brand RRD, not only races but three days of events: after the gala dinner of the first day, happy hour at Surf Planet shop on Saturday to celebrate the RRD quarter century followed by the famous “OHC party on the beach”, on the lawn of Circolo Surf Torbole.

Bruno Martini, the bearer of Circolo Surf Torbole, prevailed in all three slalom sessions and impressed for the gaps on the other competitors, often at least half a side (2,285 Km between one mark and the other). He approached his own previous record of 19 laps in 1h 00’ 31” gained in 2018, stopping the chronometer only 37” later with 46,725 Km covered.

The speed record has been reached by Malte Reuscher (Centro Velico Naregno) – 2nd place finisher – with 32,37 knots, equal to 60 Km/h (Metasail GPS recorded data – provided for the first time this year to all competitors). Third place for Andrea Ferin (AW Marina Julia, Monfalcone), with 18 laps in 1h 04’ 30”.

Among women, the Turkish World Champion Lena Erdil, had no rivals: she won with 16 laps in 1h 06’ 24”, conquering an excellent 23rd place overall among 100 riders. Second place for the young father’s footstep of art, Sofia Renna who usually competes in Techno 293 FIV youth class. Sofia also got the U20 women title, followed by Anna Biagiolini.

For the U20 men category, first place for Alessandro Iotti (Circolo Surf Torbole), second place for Federico Benamati and third place for the Czech Sadilek.



Harder-fought was the One Hour Foil race: Bruno Martini prevailed in the first two days but in the last competition everything changed. Andrea Ferin redeemed himself from boom and straps breaks of the first days, not only winning the competition but even breaking the record with 17 laps in 1h 00’ 23”, overthrowing  Matteo Iachino who last year did 15 laps in 1h 00’ 29”. Second place also in foil category for Malte Reuscher (17 laps in 1h 02’ 58”), while Bruno Martini concluded third.

A great result also for the Russian Gurko Irina, the first woman in this new discipline that is gaining more and more success in windsurfing and kitesurfing world. First U20 place for the Dutch Luuc Van Opzeeland, fourth overall.

It was a demanding but certainly an unforgettable edition – said Armando Bronzetti, the President of Circolo Surf Torbole – we’ve never seen three days of race which such a wind conditions: no interruptions for wind drop, every start on scheduled time, steady wind intensity which is essential for slalom races. It was certainly a special edition of the RRD One Hour with the Slalom record unbroken for few seconds and the Foil one broken. This formula is always funny and the organization of other side events make the RRD One Hour Classic one of the most excepted windsurfing world’s appointment of the Garda Trentino summer: sport, music, parties, dinners and competitive spirit.

Today the Torbole T-293 Italian Week (July, 8th -13th) started with about 230 young athletes for the T-293 Class National Trophy and the RS:X Italian Cup: so make way for the young and stay tuned with Circolo Surf Torbole events!

PHOTO CREDIT: Andrea Mochen©

***NEW *** AFTERMOVIEhttps://youtu.be/DH164qrT884

FINAL DAY VIDEO : https://youtu.be/28MVuKX67PA

DAY 2 VIDEO : https://youtu.be/oJUSPGsLlkQ

DAY 1 VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8yRIlfzoU24

EVENT WEB PAGE: https://www.circolosurftorbole.com/it/eventi/eventi-2019/one-hour-classic/

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